Hydroxycut at Sethealth.com

Ok. So Day one. I bought a 120 count of Hydroxycut from a website. WWW.SetHealth.com. I got the item no problem and will be updating this blog with my results. I am a man, aged 30. My current weight is 235lbs and my height is 6’1. My day job rquires NO streneous excercise, I push pencils. lol.

So far the stuff is pretty cool. Got the package of Hydroxycut 120 count from sethealth.com. I will be getting some more items from them and will update you guys on my progress and results thus far. My appetite seems better today that previous days without Hydroxycut. But its the long term that I want to focus on. I do not intend on exercising and that will be my constant throughout this blog.


One Response to “Hydroxycut at Sethealth.com”

  1. degan263 Says:

    Good stuff. I just checked out hydroxycut at http://www.hydroxycut.biz It looks like I am going to be losing weight too. lol

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